What is Lohri? Why is it Celebrated?

What is Lohri? Why is it Celebrated?

The festivities surrounding Lohri are based on many different stories. One of the most popular folklores involves a character named Dulla Bhatti who lived in Punjab during the time of Mughal Emperor Akbar. While the legend suggests that he used to steal from the rich to help the poor, it is also said that he saved a girl from kidnappers and performed wedding rituals in the absence of a priest.

Despite the fact that these celebrations are only symbolic, they generate goodwill for the community. For example, a more joyous Lohri means greater peace in the world. During this celebration, newlyweds throw seeds into the fire as a symbol of purity and love. This custom is similar to the New Year’s Day tradition. Some older family members may even pray for the newlywed couple.

As the longest night of the year approaches, Punjabians celebrate Lohri. Originally, the festival marked the coldest night of the year and the shortest day, tilrorhi, a sweet made of jaggery, was eaten to help the family survive the long, cold winter. The tradition of eating tilrorhi has been passed down through generations, and the tradition is still widely celebrated in India today.

The Hindu religion celebrates Lohri with great pomp and ceremony. Children go door to door, singing praises of Dulla Bhatti. Adults give money and snacks to the singing troupes. When the sun sets, people gather in an open space and make bonfires. During the festival, the fire is lit and the sun is about to go down. In the evening, the people assemble around a bonfire.

During the festival, children would go from house to house with bags of sweets and candy to the bonfire. It was similar to Halloween. Families would throw seedlings into the fire to symbolically welcome the new year. The festival is also very meaningful for newlyweds and newborns. There is a bonfire on Lohri, which burns seeds to commemorate fertility.

The name Lohri has a religious meaning in India. The festival is associated with fire and the celebration of the winter solstice. On this day, the sun god Surya is worshipped. This sun god is the god of light and the season of spring. It is also celebrated in the Himalayan mountain region. This festival has become a national holiday in the country, and is the most important in the country.

The celebration of Lohri is linked to the Winter Solstice. It is the shortest day of the year and marks the beginning of the harvest season. The festival’s name comes from the word ‘Loi’, which means ‘big griddle’, and is commonly used for communal feasts. The holiday pays homage to the Hindu saint Kabir Das and his wife.


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